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Greetings and Welcome to Bend Product Photography.  As an original  ‘Bend-ite’ and a Consulting Co-Owner of Cascade Graphics, forming a Product Photography company was a sure fit and fills a gap in a much needed area of service throughout Central Oregon.

My mission is to provide a very affordable Product Photography experience with ease and grace.  I execute with precision, quality and speed to meet the highest photography standards of today and tomorrow. I offer premium photography services at incredibly competitive rates and I execute in a timely and professional manner.

It would be my pleasure to work with you. Please contact me or give me call.


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360 Spin Product Photography - 18 Frames with 'Play Controls' . . .

Want to increase your sales ?

 * 360 Spin-Photography *

Welcome to 360 Spin Photography

Spin Photography is a unique and interactive experience for your customers.
‘Spinning Product Photos’ easily embed into your existing web site by simply pasting the path of the folder, containing the spin, into an HTML box, that’s it.
‘360 Spinning’ Products are Proven to Increase Sales.
‘Hot Spots’ – by hovering your mouse over the colored + icons you can display additional information such as Additional Text – Zoom-In and even Video Links.
How many frames do you need?
There are typically 18 to 72 photo frames per spin sequence. Higher frame counts equal smoother rotations and more detail. * additional costs
HTML Iframes

360 Spin Product Photography - 72 Frames with 'Controls' and 'Hot Spots' . . .